Once upon a time, some people started making music...

Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about...


“On This show we have the amazing StereoRiots in studio to talk about their New EP and show on February 13th, at Empire in Springfield, VA.”

--The Trivial Show


“Fans of Kings of Leon and Neon Trees should pick up this EP and never turn it off. Listen to: 'Imposter'”

--Mark Bradley, Upstream Artist Development


“I photographed the band, StereoRiots, at Zeba Bar in Columbia Heights last Saturday. They have a sweet story about how they got together: Craigslist. One of the members, tired of working with people less serious than himself, posted looking for some dedicated bandmates. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how this magic happened.”

--Becky Harlan, Chasing the Silver Rabbit

“A band that pumps me up!”

--Jordyn Short, Pretty Girl Movement Apparel


“Now here’s some dope indie pop/rock music to get hype to!”

--Tru Lyrikks, The Mind of Tru Lyrikks


“Wahid Hashime’s unique vocal style fits right in among the intricate bass and drum work, while the ambient synths blend seamlessly to fill the gaps.”

--K Sean Long, Upstream Artist Development


“StereoRiots To Release New EP Via USB Wristbands”

--K Sean Long, Upstream Artist Development


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